Thursday, October 8, 2009

One thousand islands-Toronto-Niagara (Part II)

It was Toronto where we were supposed to stay for the night. It was quite some time since i saw crowded streets and traffic jams and Toronto made me recollect just that. Very metropolitan and loads of people. It was a Saturday and our timing couldn't have been better to see people..
The only place we visited was the CN Tower ( - Supposedly the world's tallest tower when it was built. The view from the top is awesome...

Went to our comfortable rooms at Hilton to for the night and were awaiting the next day when we would be at Niagara..
Early in the morning, we start towards Niagara - about an hour from Toronto. And, finally we reached. One more tower at Niagara - this one is called the Skylon tower (on the Canada side) - which gives a breathtaking view of Niagara. I have heard that Niagara looks better from the Canadian side and that was probably true because the view just extraordinary..

Now, it was the turn to take "Maid of the mist" to reach the base of the falls.. We are given a thin raincoat so as to save ourselves from the mist that is created by this gigantic waterfall..

Finally, the last stop of the trip was Marineland - an aquatic museum which has trained whales, dolphins etc. It also has an underwater view which is quite good for a first timer like me..

It was time to head back to Montreal after a hectic but lovely two day trip..

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Mont Tremblant follows in the next blog..

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