Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mao's last dancer

Watched a great touching movie after a long time (despite only three more people with me at the theatre !)

It is based on li Cunxin's autobiography.

The movie is setup in Mao ruled China and portrays the pros and cons of communist rule in a very apt manner. However, the core theme of the movie is about passion - passion to do what you want irrespective of what the circumstances command.

The movie revolves around Li who is 'selected' by Maoists into the art academy - 40 selected from millions across China. These 40 are given rigorus training of 'art' under strict supervision. Most the scenes in this training of Li exemplify the way in which China leads in the medals tally of almost any major sporting/athletic event. However, this movie is based on ballet dancing, something probably not so famous in the Asian geography. And thats what gives the plot an artistic angle.

The scenes of Li dancing are a treasure to watch - the passion that you can see in his eyes is something each one of us would like to have in us - Really inspiring movie.

I should not be revealing more of the movie if i were to give you any incentive to give this a shot either at the theater (if available) or by renting a DVD.

Here is the trailer if you would like to have a glimpse before you take a decision.

Trailer - Mao's Last Dancer (Source: IMDb)

I am sure you would love it just as I did...

Enjoy !