Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whale watching in the Arctic...

Been a long time since i wrote.. I am back and hopefully for a continuous stretch of writing..

My first blog since my visit to Montreal..

Lovely, Vibrant City... Montreal !!! There would be detailed listing on the culture of Montreal once i figure out the nitty gritties of this wonderful city.

This one is dedicated to the whales in arctic ocean near the East coast of Canada..

Though I could not get a complete glimpse of the 'Bowhead whale',i could still get a clear view of Belugas (baby whales).. The bowhead whale made its presence felt once when its huge fin splashed on the surface of the Ocean.. We were not allowed to get close it as a team of observers (probably Discovery or Nat Geo) were following it in smaller boats.

The journey begins at a Chinki travel company near Place d' Armes metro station, Montreal. Four hour drive and we reach 'Riviere du loup', the base station for our Voyage into the arctic ocean.

In my usual ignorance, i forget to take warm clothes with me. Of course, i realised it - When we were into 3 degree celsius arctic waters. The only savior was my hand kerchief which found its best use.

We were nearing the spot where whales are usually spotted.. Everybody on their guard.. No sighting as yet. All we got to see was a group of seals.. :-) The whales were still eluding us.

And then suddenly to 2 O' Clock (that is the nomenclature used by our captain - the front end of the boat is twelve O' Clock), we get to see 'Belugas' or Mini whales. Engines are switched off.. The belugas come towards the boat fearlessly and we are told they can be as playful as the dolphins.. Paisa Vasool.. :-)

The photos have not come out as great and hence the need for a better camera next time... Have to do some research..

Then comes the grand finale.. We were on our way back and then suddenly, the huge Bowhead whale splashed its fin at a distance. Soon, the observing teams begin chasing it and it vanishes into the vast arctic..

In any sighting of this sort, luck plays a very important role.. Might be back again to try my luck for a better view of the larger whale next summer..

Until then, back to business Ooops work !!!