Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One thousand islands-Toronto-Niagara (Part I)

Just returned from a two day trip to one thousand islands, toronto and Niagara falls... As you might have guessed by now, Niagara was easily the best among the three.

Wonder travels
(http://www.wondertravel.net/) is like the official travel company for our organisation - i have not yet heard of anybody who has travelled by something else.
So, following company tradition, we (me and a colleague) went to 'wonder' (Travels) to show us some wonders in Canada..

One thousand islands is nothing but a bunch of tiny islands put together. Nothing so great about it - You may compare it with any decently sized lake anywhere in the world...
Of course, honeymooners may have a drastically different view on this place.

The only thing good about this part of the trip is that we don't have to deviate much from our path to cover this. It is on the way from Montreal to Toronto and hence is as good as any other brief stopover.

Well, it is well past 1 AM and i need to catch up with some sleep if i have to report at work tomorrow..


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Suraj said...

Way to go traveller. Hope these travails help you