Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ana and Otto...

Otto is a dreamer and falls in love with Ana at first sight.. The series of events which follow make you glued to your seat until completion of the movie.

You will meet with surprises at every key moment of the movie and most of them are really pleasant. Otto's father and Ana's mother end up being in a realtionship thereby allowing the kids to spend more time together.

Otto leaves his mother for Ana but later tries to commit suicide after the sudden death of his mother. Otto's guilt gets into you as you watch him suffer in guilt assuming himself responsible for his mother's death.

He recovers after a long time - only to realise that Ana is no longer with him. Becomes a pilot just beacause of the fact that he was named after a pilot (there is a story there too). Some beautiful co-incidences follow towards the end of the movie and make it a worthwhile watch...

Though at times you may feel irritated with repetitive scenes but you would appreciate all of it once you reach the climax. It is as if you join the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle - You dont appreciate it until you are finished...

-- A French classic
-- Unimaginable co-incidences
-- A lovely & lively story on childhood love

Dont miss it if you get a chance to watch it !!!
(Of course with Subtitles!!!)

By the way, if you have not realised it as yet - Both names are palindromes and that too is one of the co-incidences.

Directed by: Ernst Gossner
Original Language: French

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Suraj said...

good write up. The romantic inside you seems to have come alive :)