Monday, October 26, 2009

"Plus tard tu comprendras"

'Plus tard tu comprendras'(French) translates to 'One day you will understand'..

A movie on discrimination on ethnic grounds and substantiates my previous article on racial discrimination - 'Brownie Sizzles ???'

A French Movie directed by Amos Gitai. It is an intense film based on the Genocide of jews by Germany during world war II. It is a true story based on autobiography of Jerome Clement.

Rivka (Jeane Moreau)'s jewish parents are forced to abandon all their belongings in Paris to save themselves from getting killed in a concentration camp. They hide somewhere in France for some time but soon their traces are not found anywhere.

Rivka, after having experienced all this, lives a quiet life in Paris. Her son, Victor, tries to investigate the death of his grandparents and tries many times to get details from his mother - Only to be disappointed. Rivka would love talking about everything other than her past. The discussions between Rivka and Victor are really well presented - Victor trying to extract details from his mother and Rivka changing the topic whenever he gets there...

Jeane Moreau has done a splendid job as Rivka with her expressionless reactions and
a real hoarse voice to give the impact of those intense dialgoues..

The only time she speaks about her past is a day before her death when she reveals everything to her grandchildren (Victor's children). It is as if she knew that she would be dying the very next day...

Victor finally suceeds in his attempt at unravelling the past. But, in the process, learns why his mother had been silent all the while.

No frills, intense movie which is more like a documentary rather than a commercial film.

Recommended for intense-movie/Documentary lovers only !!!

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