Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mont Tremblant accomplished !!!

My tradition of weekend trips continues !!! It was Mont Tremblant's turn this weekend. Mont Tremblant is a picnic spot/Mini trek about 120 miles from Montreal. This place is especially beautiful during fall due to the colour of Maple trees (yes, it is the same tree's leaves that are present on Canada's flag)

It has this cable car ride that takes you to the top.. the other alternative is to climb the whole thing up.. Being very charged up, we decide to climb.. It has been a long time since i have done some trekking and i could realise that when i ran out of steam half way through !!! (My legs are still aching as i write this piece - it has been three full days since the trek)

Back to maple leaves, they are pretty famous here in this part of the world and people from far off come to this place just to see them.

Nothing else there other than that.. of course, there are some rides which you can enjoy.. But, we were content with the trek and were back just on time for our trip back to Montreal.

No need to mention, we were again travelling by 'Wonder Travels'.. !!!

Let me see what i can plan for the coming weekend !!!

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