Friday, January 16, 2009

No GAME @ FAME !!!!

I am just back from the preview show of 'Chandni Chowk to China' @ Fame, Ghatkopar. Here is what i have gone through in the last three hours or so;

1. Book a ticket for Rs 190 (Was it too costly for this movie???) for the preview show.
2. I take my seat, totally unaware of the emotional turmoil that is to follow.
3. There are these employees (or waiters) of Fame who keep roaming around with sandwiches and pop corns. It gives you a feel of being at Juhu chowpatty or at any of the busiest markets in the city. Not too sure if that is the 'experience' people pay for at Fame (or any other multiplex). All those who have passed out from a B-School would be able to link to the 'Starbucks' case study when you hear this.
4. The movie begins and i enjoy ONLY those RARE moments of Akshay Kumar's charisma and glimpses of Deepika in the movie. Now comes a twist in the story.
5. I go to get a hot coffee for myself. Nobody at the coffee shop. i ask the corn shop employee sitting next about the whereabouts of the coffee fellow. He takes my order and tells me coffee would be delivered at my seat.
6. Coffee arrives. I pay Rs 100 and the waiter tells me he would come back with the change.
7. The wait for the waiter continues till the end of the movie.
8. I go to the coffee shop after the movie. Ask for the balance. I am told i gave him a Rs 50 note. I am not sure if this is an intentional tactic or not.. Whatever it may be, it certainly is not a great thing to do to your customers. It is not about the money but about how an already disastrous experience is being stretched even more.

Is this what we pay for @ Multiplexes?? I dont think so...

The customer is certainly NOT the king always and neither is Akshay Kumar... (Remember Singggh is kinggg!!!)

I am not going to talk anymore about the movie.. Watch it to find out.

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