Thursday, January 1, 2009

The fort Called 'PEB' (Part II)

So, five of us (Amol, Sachin, Pravin, Milind and Me) start the trek towards PEB.. Pravin, the researcher, had brought some printouts which were the only source of information for us. None of us had been to the place before and that made it all the more interesting.. (He is the one busy looking at printouts even while he was photographed)

With directions from Pravin's printouts we embark on a journey that proved to be one of the best treks we have ever had.. Here is how it looked when we started:

Here are some more of them on the way:

There is an advantage of lagging behind in treks, you get captured in a lot of photographs. Going by this logic, Milind benefitted the most just like in this one:

There are some beautiful rock patches on the way to top. Though they are not all that risky, they are certainly a delight for trekkers. Here is an example: (And milind gets captured again...)

Me and Pravin at one of the climbs..

After about three and a half hours of intense trekking we reach the top just to be surrounded with images like this one:

There is a temple of Lord Shiva and also a math (Read in Hindi/Marathi) of Swami Samarth at the top.

We then finished our breakfast at what you might term as lightning speed and proceeded towards our final frontier. The fort is in shambles and you have to explore quite a bit to reach the topmost point (though there might be nothing worth seeing available there). Amol at the stairs leading to the final climb.

After roaming around for some time at the top, it was time for the descent. We were certainly exhausted after all the incidents in the past 12 hours or so. But we decided to get back immediately. The rock patches which seemed simple while climbing up were seeming to be really risky ones. But then, that is the fun of trekking.

Helping each other maneuver one of those 'risky' rock patches on the way down:

At last, we are through... and what a trek it was. A wonderful one which was enjoyed by each one of us thoroughly.. Though not advisable for beginners. Not because of the risky nature of the trek, but because of the exertion involved.

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