Thursday, January 8, 2009

It happens only with females !!!

Before your mind starts wondering if this one is a blog on human anatomy, let me clear the air. This certainly is not one of those, but you may certainly classify it under human psychology.

One question has haunted me for a long time. And it surfaced again today during one of the discussions with a female colleague at work...
Have you ever wondered why females have so many quarrels/ego clashes while their better halves (Read 'Men') have hardly any.. (Probably, women may not agree to the fact of men being 'Better halves'). defines EGO as follows:
–noun, plural e⋅gos.
1.the “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

It also states an example to prove the case under discussion:
"Her ego becomes more unbearable each day. "Looks like the dictionary guys have enough empirical evidence to have 'Her' rather than 'His' in this example.

But then, what differentiates the misunderstandings amongst men and those amongst women are the following facts (I would like to call them facts rather than myths..)

1. Women never forget. Men never remember. That makes the problem much more simpler. Women don't forget even the tiniest of fights and carry them all throughout their lives.
2. Women are insecure; they are always on the lookout for security. Though women may not agree to this fact but i certainly feel that there is always an underlying sense of insecurity in every woman.
3. When a woman passes by, men look at her top to bottom to analyse her whereas females scan through every inch of her.. All this just to find out if the lady in front is better looking than her or has better accessories. Remember "Hiii... Lovely earrings... Where did u get them from" or "hey.. your sandals are a good match to your dress" and others alike...

But when i try to convince myself with a psychological and a scientific explanation to the question, i am not too comfortable with these arguments stated above...

Just as we say, most of the things in life are not Black n white but rather in gray, this one too may be one of them..

To put it in other words -> You can't answer something -> Blame it on gray.

All the views/facts mentioned above are my interpretations based on whatever little interaction i have had with the 'Other' sex. Feel free to comment if you don't agree with any of those so called 'facts'. By the way, you can even comment otherwise.


nAuGhTyPrEeTs said...

Do you believe that life can be read as Black OR white?

nutnandu said...

bullshit.... EGO is as dominant in men as in women. you cannot deny that.
and the point about women remember and men forget is also wrong.. you know that verry well :)
is this all you have thought abt this topic? :P

Anonymous said...

You’d rather do some more research
Into what you thinks is psychology
Your interaction with the “other” half
Is at its low, and will be if you continue so
Better or worse, who is to say?
It’s a mater of perspective, of which you have none
You misread interest in a friend as ego at play
Men will be men, what can I say?
Let me not waste any more time
Your figure it all out one day

jade said...

lol! nandita u almost rhyme.
n well said. i think my female counterparts have said more than enough. all i have to say to them is Amen! :)
btw, very interesting topic.. u can write pages on it...

Anonymous said...

Either- do some more research
Or- Just let it pass...

mMS said...

hhmmm.. i m cursing myself on hw can i miss this post of yours!

mm.. interesting!

TUSHAR said...

Athma...plz something that we don't know...These ALL are very well known facts...