Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Grand Himalayan Exile !

Ten days from now, I would embark on the grandest trip of my life - a 3 month exile in the Himalayas. I would be traversing the Annapurna circuit (~300kms) in Nepal, hiking in Tibet and finally exploring Himalayas in Bhutan.

Hiking is certainly one of the key activities of this trip - However, the driving force is something else. It is more to answer some larger questions in life (yeah !) with an extended period of isolation from day to day life.

Ever since I shared this news with colleagues and friends, there have been so many people who came up to me and said that they have always wanted to attempt something like this in their lives. Somehow, due to various reasons, they have not been able to attempt a journey like this one. This makes me wonder - why are we complicating our lives with these so called "must haves"? Be it job security, owning a home or securing the future of your family...

Anyways, I am totally geared up and excited about the coming days.

I'll try to push updates as and when possible.

Enjoy and try to break free !



Sebastien Barrette said...

Hello !
I'm a friend of Michel Hubert from Canada.
I've been around the Himalayas and I understand your need for some peace without anybody around. You'll love the circuit but you'll be more by yourself, able to think in remote Tibet place (well... might be crowded with tourist theses days with the train leading to Lhasa). Bhutan as well wil be great.

If you're leaving right now it's great because you are still "early spring" so fewer tourist in the guesthouses.

We loved it anyway, walking between 8000+ giants, no newspaper, cell phone, internet, TV, Radio... Awesome.

More remote, a suggestion, the Mustangs, just on your right hand side passed Muktinath after you'll walk down from the Thorung La Pass.

Enjoy and may peace of mind be with you !

R Athmanathan said...

Hey Sebastien,

Thanks for writing and thanks for your wishes too.

I did consider Mustang - It is a restricted area and solo travel is not permitted in restricted areas as of today.

Let's hope all goes well - i hit the trail tomorrow.