Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Grand Himalayan Exile | Gear list

My trip to the Canadian arctic two years ago (Video blog here) helped get the right gear for long trips like this one. You can find my arctic gear list here.

Here is the complete list for this 3 month Himalayan extravaganza:

Backpack, Sleeping bag and tent

Gregory Palisade 80 --> I took it to the Canadian arctic. Very comfortable on long trips. Make sure you purchase a rain cover (with a drain hole, if possible).

Summit Bag --> Gregory Miniwok 18L ( Nice little summit bag that is hydration compatible)

Sleeping bag --> The North Face Cat's Meow (-7 Deg C). Tried and tested on many hikes - my favorite sleeping bag.

Tent --> No tent. I would be hiking on Tea house trails where accommodation is available at the end of the day. This is possible only in Nepal - not possible in North America.


No Kitchen gear --> Tea House treks are easy on your back.


--> No cooking material - Only snacks.
--> Lots of Powerbar gels,bars,Nuts & Chocolate.
--> Electrolyte tablets that can be dissolved in water (Nice replacement for Gatorade- lightweight and less bulky)


Base Layer --> Polartek base layer from MEC (2) - lovely fit and very effective.
Mid Layer --> Arcteryx Fleece - Simple, elegant, made of Polartek material
Outer Layer --> The North Face 800 fill down jacket (Super light - packs into its own pocket), Arcteryx rain shell (Made of Goretex Paclite - ligthweight, waterproof)
2 Half sleeve 100% polyester T shirts (cotton is not advisable for cold conditions as it soaks in moisture)
1 full sleeve Polyester T shirt
2 Hiking shorts
1 North Face convertible hiking pant
Glove liners, Woolen Kanuk Tuque
Try to segregate night clothes from hiking clothes. You can easily do this with a dry sack. Good sleep is very crucial on long trips.

Timberland Earthkeepers shoes - Vibram/goretex mid hiking shoes - (Don't recollect name of the model. Light weight, comfortable and breathable+waterproof, good ankle support)
Timberland radler camp shoe --> 'Zip and fold' - Superlight shoe for walking on light trails and around the camp


High altitude sickness - Dexamethasone (4X4 mg), Nifedifine (4 tablets)
Blister protection bandaids
Emergency survival blanket for 2 - for hypothermia
Adventure medical kit - ultralight 5
Sewing kit & adhesive
Duct tape - for backpack/sleeping bag etc
Goretex patches - waterproof patches for outer layer repair.
Spare laces
Insect repellent
Mosquito net for head/neck

Everything else

Mobile phone
Hydration pack 2L Camelbak
Nalgene 1L bottle (2)
Straps+cords etc.
Sony RX 100 camera - light and compact digital camera that is as good as a DSLR. Ideal for long trips like this one. It is expensive though. I am leaving my Nikon D90 home.
I hope all this would help me sail through the Himalayan landscape !! 

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Bhuvan said...

good extensive list, am I missing to see torch- am mode for lighting in your list A....

R Athmanathan said...

I do have a headlamp. That has served the purpose for me!