Sunday, May 15, 2011

Le Quattro Volte (The four times)

As I look back at the recent past, I realize that I have seen more offbeat and foreign movies than regular commercial flicks. Maybe it is a sign of changing preferences or maybe there are not enough good commercial flicks around or maybe Oscar fever has caught up on me. Whatever the reason maybe, I am certainly loving it.

This one is a dialog-less foreign movie. Well, there is nothing foreign in it as there is not even a single dialog in the whole movie. Which also implies that there were no subtitles!!

It portrays different aspects of human nature in the form of 4 elements - Human, Animal, Crop and mineral. Each of these has been shown as a different segment but has been impressively interwoven in the overall concept.

The moral of the story is that we live 4 lives :
As minerals- because we are made of salt, water and other organic matter
As crops - we breathe, reproduce and nourish ourselves.
As animal - we possess intelligence and can relate to the outside world.
As human - we are rational beings and have will and reason at our disposal.

Not a greatly captivating movie but does have some sparks of brilliance. Especially the way the lost young goat has been shot and it's feelings conveyed. Simple camera work, long uncut shots keep you occupied throughout the movie.

Great concept but execution could have been better. Nevertheless, a decent attempt and a very good message.

Trailer is available below: (Source - IMDB)

IMDb trailer


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