Sunday, May 1, 2011

'In a Better World' - Danish film

Just back from (In) a Better World...

My tryst with foreign films continues. It used to be predominantly French until sometime back - but, of late this has extended to other languages as well.

After Incendies (French) & Biutiful (Spanish), it was time for 'In a Better World (Danish). All these were nominated foreign films for Oscars. If you want to play safe, start with the Oscar nominated foregin films - Chances are bright that you would get to watch some marvels.

This one is a lovely film with a great message. It tries to explore the thin line between justice and revenge. Wonderful perfomances from all the lead actors. It links a story in South Africa to another one in Denmark with utmost ease and draws parallels between them. The situations used to convey key messages are aboslutely delightful to watch and have a really strong impact.

And, the locations in Denmark were stunning with some beautiful shots of a riverside summer house and large fields amongst others. Africa, too, was pictured perfectly and everything seemed to be fitting very well into the script.

Despite the pace being slow, there was not a single moment when i was thinking about anything else. If you are a fan of really fast movies, then this may not be a great choice for you. But if are not, then this is a lovely watch.

Here is the trailer:

If you would like to see it on IMDb, here is the link:

Enjoy !

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