Thursday, November 15, 2007

Right To Information Act

Right to information act commonly known as RTI was passed two years ago. How many of us know of this??? And even if we know, do we know how powerful this act is? I got to know about this some days ago, when i did some data collection on this topic. This was not accidental. It was for a documentary(Short film) on RTI, which i made along with a friend of mine called Suraj. This documentary was to be presented at IIT Bombay SJMSOM's B-School event Avenues '07.
It was a novel concept of having a short film for the promotion of RTI. Kudos to the organisers, Creative Commons, for organising the same.

You may find the newspaper article on the same at:

Also, you can view our documentary at:
After working on this documentary, i have realised the power this act has. It can transform the system if we make judicial use of it. We just need to be more aware of the rights we have so that we can atleast start thinking of exercising them. Let me tell you, if each one of us decides to use this act atleast once in our lifetime, we can make a huge difference!!!

More Information on RTI can be found out at :

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