Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fusion is in.....

Fusion is the in-thing these days... Music too is not averse from it..
The Grand finale at November Fest organised by Hindu at Music Academy was just that. Four Great artists came together and the result was a seamless fusion of classical and western forms of music. All those present were indeed fortunate ones; for this was a concert which could not be missed..

Trilok Gurtu, the master of percussion and vocals.
Vikku Vinayakam, The first Indian Musician to get a Grammy Award, a great Ghatam player.
Prasanna, wonderful guitarist.
Selva Ganesh, master of kanjira.
And when all these get together, what you get is an extraordinary mix of Indian classical music and western music.

This November fest was one of the best musicals i have ever attended...

Would remember it forever.

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