Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to Basics !!!

The last three days have been splendid. One great movie a day - this has been the best continuous stretch of extraordinary movies.

DAY 1: 127 Hours

A story about a young adolescent trying to find peace in solitude. An adventurer at heart, Aron, often ventures out solo 'into the wild' away from civilization. On this occasion, unfortunately, gets caught in one of the worst places that one can imagine - Hundred feet below surface, in one of the Canyons in Utah (US), with a boulder crushing his right hand.

This is an inspiring story of survival, will power and spontaneity.

Trailer below: (Source: IMDb)

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<< This one is still in theaters - you may be able to catch it one of the screens near you >>

DAY 2: Into the wild

This is a classic directed by Sean Penn. Again, a story of an adventurer who ventures out 'into the wild' away from civilization to 'live'. Wonderfully made, this one is highly recommended to anybody who likes to be 'out there' in the wild.

A lovely story about how he abandons every'thing' he has before he sets out on his journey, a journey which turns out to be an epic journey that makes him understand some basics in life.

This story gets into you and raises some questions which put into question your own identity. One of the best movies i have ever seen in my life.

Trailer below: (Source: IMDb)

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DAY 3: The King's Speech

The story of King George VI of Britain and how he overcomes his stammer to give an outstanding inspiring speech when his country needs it the most. Amazing performances from Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush as King George VI and Lionel Logue respectively.

Great mix of history and a simple yet strong story. The story doesn't get dull at any moment during the entire movie and keeps you waiting for the final speech.

Certainly a bright Oscar prospect..

Trailer below: (Source: IMDb)

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DAY 4: This blog

I could not resist myself from writing this piece. There are 2 great common learning points across these fantastic movies.

Go back to basics: Start questioning your direction in life - and maybe do a status check of where you are. All that these movies do is inspire us to think more into what we really want and what is 'necessary' and what is 'good to have'.. I know it is easier said than done, but nothing wrong with making an attempt.

Passion: Be it Aron Rolston in '127 Hours' or 'Alexander Supertramp' in 'Into the wild' or King George VI in 'The king's speech', the common underlying driver in each of these is the passion to achieve what you really want. What makes these stories even more powerful is the fact that all these are real stories and not fictional ones.

Let us hope we all figure out what we really want and achieve it too !

But, nothing stops us from giving a try..

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