Monday, August 2, 2010

Knee boarding @ Lake Archambault

There is always a first time for everything - And, the 'first' time beats 'any' time (almost for everything!!)

This was a first for me with regards to getting down to doing something crazy on (not IN) water.
The occasion: Get together at TATA @ one of our colleagues cottage next to the lake.
The lake offers some really great views of the mountains that surround it. Peace... Well, not really - you would always hear some speed boat zooming past. The day begins with swimming in the water (with a life jacket - Still learning. The learning curve concept doesnt seem to be working in this case!! ) for a good hour or so. Just about half an hour after i got into it - there were some thunder storms and they were followed by mild rain. It was lovely lying on the water facing up towards the sky looking at the falling droplets of cold rain water. One of the best experiences i have had in my life.

As the day progresses, the boats are readied up for some adrenaline pump for all those who are upto the challenge. Two boats (owned by colleagues - brought down to the lake for the occasion) do rounds taking 4-5 people into a ride which promises a gear shift in your adrenaline levels.
I take my turn and ready myself for what is going to be my first tryst with water....

There are couple of colleagues who take the plunge before me into water skiing and knee boarding. I await for the right time and decide to DO IT despite my reapeated unsuccessful attempts at learning swimming...

We are now at the middle of the lake and I am supposed to take a dive into the water from the boat to reach the knee board. This is the very moment which immediately brings back my memories of diving from a plane from 13000 ft (

I do IT and reach the knee board to experience a one-of-a-life time event.
Knee boarding works like this:
  • First you are to lie flat on the board and the speed starts dragging you.
  • Then as you become somewhat stable, you attempt to climb up on to the board
  • When you are completely stable, you would have a postion like what is shown below
  • Then you try to leave the board and hold on to the handle of the rope. At this point the only point of contact between the board and you is your knees. This is a position which may not be easy to hold on for long for beginners
  • This step only for beginners !! - One of the strategies which i adopted for the fall was to plan it 5 secs in advance so that I was able to take a clean jump far from the board - Otherwise, a board hit can cause considerable damage at those speeds.
  • And I start again - the ending remaining the same in both cases... !!!
    The summer in Canada is as great as the winter !!!
    Now looking forward to the grand Colorado (USA) hike of Capital hill (14000ft+) which begins the first week of August...

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Pushkar said...

WTF dude. If you think it's a hill, you are in for a surprise.